With repayment-free loan in trouble

Image result for repayment free loanDo you currently have a repayment-free credit? Then your financial situation will change in the coming period. This type of credit is in fact converted by the lenders to a form of lending that does repay. This can have huge consequences on your expenses. Fortunately, Bank can help you .

Change in financial situation interest-only loan

Perhaps you have already been informed, or you will soon be informed by your lender that your current interest-only loan will be converted into a loan that requires repayment. This means that you no longer only pay interest per month, but also pay part of it. Your monthly payment will increase, even up!

Example increase conversion monthly repayments loan

If you have a repayment-free loan of € 30,000 and your monthly installment is now between € 150 and € 300, you now only pay interest and do not settle anything. After the conversion you will also pay redemption alongside interest. This makes your monthly amount between € 450 and € 600. Your financial situation is therefore changing considerably, so you may get into trouble.

Bank helps you avoid problems with the loan

The lender may implement this change because they have stated this in the conditions. And it is also good to repay your loan, only if this brings you into trouble this is not a pleasant situation. We would like to help you to ensure that your monthly costs do not rise so insanely, so you will not run into problems. This way we can see for you what the best possibility is in your personal situation. Request free advice from our credit specialists here.