Foreign or International Loan – Understand how to do it!

Foreign loan as in the United States, Europe, Oceania and Asia the sale of online loan (personal credit) is quite common. It is usually found in numerous forms: from Crowdfunding, peer to peer loan to cash to negatives, plus credit card means with low interest rates, these transactions are found to be available on the market and managed by mobile applications from anywhere in the world. world.

When abroad in a country, borrowing abroad can be a way that many people, including Brazilians, find to keep up and not miss the basics, especially those who are studying or living abroad. It is worth mentioning that unforeseen financial happen here, in Spain or London, and one of the first things you remember, is to research to know how to make a loan.

Currently, the labor market is becoming more competitive, and Brazilians have considered living abroad an option to find better opportunities, quality of life or to improve their studies. Hopefully, you will not be able to get financial troubles with you, but if you get real, we will prepare in this post some tips on how to get an overseas loan to use as you wish outside the country and tips to take a personal loan online in Brazil even when traveling internationally.

How to get a loan abroad to study

How to get a loan abroad to study

Whether to improve knowledge, have a new world view or learn a new language, many Brazilians decide to study abroad because of the educational conditions that countries provide. You’ve probably thought about studying abroad or putting your kids to learn in another country, but what’s stopping many from realizing that dream is the financial issue.

Some countries have a high cost of living and it is necessary to have a good financial reserve to live without going through difficulties. It is at that moment that the chance arises to apply for a loan to study abroad. There are some types of financing that you can request easily and some of the options you can try.

For those who have a bank account with Brazillian Bank, Santander, Itaú and others, it is enough to direct the agencies and request the necessary amount. Another way is to create a score in local banks as an individual or a legal entity.

Family Financing

Family Financing

If you were born into a family with good financial conditions and can rely on the monetary support of relatives, do not think twice and ask. In addition to being a loan that does not need to have the same rigid rules of banks, the repayment return can be combined and also combine so that it does not act at the interest rate.

Another case of a person who can help, if he is a public servant or retired and an INSS pensioner, he can obtain a payroll deductible loan, in which the amount will be deposited in the applicant’s account and the installments will have interest of 2.08% and better conditions for payment, up to 72 times.

Scholarships and student funding

Scholarships and student funding

Many colleges have immigrant scholarship programs, some with partial or even total discounts. But to get them is quite complicated due to high competition. There is the option of financing college directly with the institution. For this, it is necessary to contact the University and to know what financing options they have.

As a little more advanced research, it is possible to find educational institutions willing to finance studies, including for foreigners.

Bank loan

Bank loan

Do not leave the country without creating a friendly banking and financial scenario. One of the solutions that many people encounter when they are out of the country and the need to lend money, is to apply for a pre-approved personal loan or special check from the preferred bank.

The largest Brazilian financial institutions have programs aimed at those who wish to study abroad. However, if the loan is on your behalf, the bank may ask you to present a “guarantor”, that is, the person who will pay the loan if the installment delays. Choose well the person who will go with you!

How to make a loan abroad

How to make a loan abroad

It is possible that you are traveling or even living abroad and lacking money for some emergency. Before you get desperate you can apply for a foreign direct loan with your bank branch if you have an account of course. To do this, simply access HomeBanking or the Online Service or via telephone.

For those who live abroad, making a loan is similar to what is done in Brazil but being in another country. You get in touch with the financial institutions and be aware of the conditions they offer such as the time for payment and the lower interest rates.

It is also possible for foreign residents, usually when you arrive in place, the first step is to open an account and then take the driver’s license as a temporary resident. With this document, some banks open special accounts and over time you get small loans within the term of validity of your visa.

On international credit cards with local request, it is possible to withdraw some cash amounts with terms of up to 12 times.

Loans and foreign financing for companies

Loans and foreign financing for companies

For national companies looking for deals with international companies, whether they are loans, financing, the RDE (Electronic Declaratory Registration, the Central Bank system for records of foreign capital operations in Brazil) is required. Also required are the registration of the company in crediter and the Registry of Financial Operations make it possible to close the exchange.

Credit History and Score

Credit History and Score

Here in Brazil a little, and more intense abroad, by foreign lands the creditors usually check their credit history and score to know if the value can or can not be borrowed. This is important, but more so the fact that you know how you will repay a loan – monthly or all at once.

Understand that for foreigners to obtain amounts borrowed is practically unfeasible in some institutions because of the status that is almost always student or traveler.

Online Overseas Loan – Is It Possible?

Online Overseas Loan - Is It Possible?

Many things have become easy and comfortable once smartphones and tablets have started to be part of our routines, it is with this the request massification of online personal loan companies. What used to be only for banking and financial institutions, where you needed to go in person to apply for credit, is no longer the case.

Nowadays, there are several loan startups that can easily lend you money without having to leave the house.

Online payday loans bad credit -Online loans bad credit direct lenders $1000

Online loans bad credit direct lenders $1000

With the advent of the Internet, online loan companies have recently been mushrooming.

The existence of an online loan can certainly be an alternative to helping people in need of funds in times of urgency. This is very beneficial for the community because this loan is much faster than borrowing funds from the bank. Generally, the procedure is easier. Even in a matter of minutes, Berger can provide quick loans directly into your account.

Compared to borrowing from a bank, there are several things that are more profitable by borrowing funds online. However, there are also those who think that borrowing funds at the bank are safer and more secure.  Applying for online payday loans with Payday Champion offers the following benefits:

Documents needed

If you borrow funds from the bank, the requirements and documents needed are usually quite a lot. Plus, you will also be assessed through your credit history which means you must have a good credit history. In online loans, the terms and documents needed are not too complicated.

Just fill in the online form on the website which usually only asks for general data such as your name, mobile number, email address and KTP. Some companies also don’t require you to have an impressive credit history.

Approval process

Generally, borrowing funds from a bank will take days. This is certainly not suitable for those of you who need a fast loan on a sudden or emergency. With online loans, the approval process is much faster. Usually, it takes only one day or can be faster in one click. You can also submit funds online anytime and anywhere.

This is very beneficial for those of you who need a fast loan. You do not need to come to the creditor, as you have to do when borrowing from a bank.


Unlike banks that provide penalties for repayment before the deadline, online loans free you from penalties if they pay off before maturity.

Now you don’t need to be confused if you need a fast loan. Enough with an internet quota, you can get funds online. Apply for your loan through Berger anywhere and anytime.