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There are a lot of horror stories about people who use credit loans and create a large debt in a short time. But as long as you are in control of your finances and knowing that you can pay off a little each month, it is no problem to take out a credit loan if you get an unforeseen expense or the like. Meet here at Jenderas, 33, who was paid a month less, and had extra large expenses at home. To make it through the month, she applied for an ongoing credit with Jian Beldeges.


What situation were you in when you had to borrow the money?

What situation were you in when you had to borrow the money?

“I work in a bookstore where I am only part-time for some months. Of course, this means that I get paid less for a few months. Unfortunately, a month when I got less in pay, we had to pay for both my son’s soccer camp and new tires for the car. We couldn’t afford that without a Jian Beldeges credit. “

So, what was the specific need you were looking to solve? “We really wanted to be able to afford football camps and new car tires without having to involve a sour bank advisor from the bank. We believe that we are adults enough at home to decide whether or not the son is going to a football camp. “


What influenced the decision to choose the loan service?

What influenced the decision to choose the loan service?

“It was very important for us to be able to pay the money right away. We had bills to pay, so they couldn’t wait. With Jian Beldeges, we could borrow up to £ 10,000 and be accepted immediately. After that, 5,000 kroner was immediately paid out of the credit.

It was also important to us that we did not owe more years to the future. At Jian Beldeges, they seemed to be in control of everything, and we can repay the credit with small amounts each month or the entire loan amount when I get a few more hours at the bookstore. “


What was specific about Jian Beldeges in relation to the competitors?. “To start with, we were a little worried that we might not be able to repay the loan right away, because I don’t always get a full-time salary. At Jian Beldeges we could see that if you only pay a minimum installment each month, there is no stress in paying back the full credit all at once. It really meant a lot to us not to worry about getting in payment problems. “


How was the overall experience of the process?

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“We had a great experience with Jian Beldeges. I called their customer service who was helpful from the start and was able to answer all the questions we had as a new credit customer. In addition, it was super easy to borrow the money – it just took a few clicks on the website and then found my Easy ID. We could borrow exactly the amount we needed and pay our two extra bills on time. ”