Keys to travel the weekend and spend little money

A long weekend is coming and you want to take the opportunity to clear your mind a little? In Lorna Doone we tell you how to spend little money on your next getaway: PLAN:

Traveling spontaneously is great, if you’re lucky enough to give you time and money. But if you have to travel during the weekend on a budget, the first thing to do is think about a plan.

You do not need a strict itinerary, detailed by hours, but you must have at least an idea of ​​how much time you will spend in each city or country and know what route you are going to take. If you leave less at random, you will have less unexpected expenses; Last minute flights and accommodation are usually much more expensive.


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With so many different airlines, there are some destinations in our country that are cheaper to travel by plane or micro than by car. Especially if we take into account the latest increases in gasoline and the same wear of the car for use. So check where you want to go, maybe you get cheaper and do faster by air.

Maybe you should ask for a loan for a little extra money and to know that destination that you do not reach in a weekend , you can totally save on the rest of the travel expenses. 

Traveling and staying for free or at a very low cost is possible

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A little while ago we talked about collaborative economies , where you can exchange your knowledge in exchange for lodging, for example, if you know how to edit a video you can offer your services in exchange for a bed. There are also web pages, such as courchsurfing, where the same users of the page offer their homes as accommodation for travelers.

Another option is to work at destination to earn money and be able to pay your expenses. But this option is more feasible for longer trips.

If you do not want to stay in the house of a person that you do not know or do not know what service you can offer in exchange for accommodation, you can always choose to stay in a hostel or at a campsite. This way you will meet other travelers who are in your same situation and can share experiences.

It is essential to travel light but covering any situation that may happen: A warm jacket, a juan to go out, a muscular in case it is hot and a good first-aid kit for any unforeseen event.


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Once at the destination, take advantage of the buses and trains to know the different attractions of the city. For example, if you go to Mar del Plata, there is a bus that runs through all the beaches from end to end.

Food is an indispensable expense , stay at home or go on a trip. If your budget for the trip is low or if you are seeing where you can cut to travel, we recommend you always rent in a place with a kitchen where you can save some good pesos on food. So you don’t depend on eating out.

If you can not rent a place with a kitchen, keep in mind that you can always eat cheaply by buying in supermarkets or even in local food markets, it will be better than eating in bars or restaurants of excessive prices. Another recommendation is to take a walk before choosing a place for dinner; If you go to the first restaurant you find, you will not know if you are spending too much.MWe hope these tips help you! Where are you planning to travel next weekend.